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Meet the Horses



Millie was our first Shire horse to arrive.

She is a lovely girl and 9 years old. 

Millie is the best horse for teaching novices how to work a Shire horse, she is so gentle and patient when in harness.

However, when she is not in harness she is a bossy, moody mare!


Willam was the next horse to join us. He is a magnificent 18.1hh gelding and also 9 years old. 

He loves to work and he is unbelievably strong.

Willam makes a great companion for those who wish to develop their skills beyond the basics.

He is also my riding horse.



Morse is one of our youngsters, he is only 3 years old. 

He is such a loving, sweet chap and is very friendly.

I expect Morse to grow to a similar size to Willam and he is very much part of Coldcroft Shires’ future.


Lewis is the new boy on the farm. He is Morse's half-brother and two weeks older. 

He is being brought on with Morse and they will make a fine working pair together.

My two Black Beauties!

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