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Coldcroft Shire Challenge

This is advance news for people who follow Coldcroft Shires. This summer we begin a charity horse & carriage drive to raise money.

We will set off from the farm with Millie and Willam pulling the carriage all the way from Gloucestershire to near Elgin in Morayshire. Journey's end.

The two charities we are supporting are Police Care UK and The Fire Fighters Charity.

Between them they support Fire & Rescue personnel and Police officers who have been injured in the line of duty. They help with both physical injury and mental health. These people risk much on a daily basis to keep us safe when things go wrong and protected before it does. I know this from personal experience.

Gloucestershire Constabulary are very supportive of our efforts and will be at the farm to see us off on the journey. We hope others will join us at the farm for the send off.

Full details to follow when we publicly launch the fundraising.

There will be opportunities to be involved if you wish.

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