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Shire horse Experience Days

Learn how to harness a working heavy horse and how to long rein using traditional farming horse drawn equipment.

These Experiences are suitable for everyone, even if you have never been near a horse before!

For a more relaxed event, enjoy a shire horse carriage ride

through the peaceful, Gloucestershire countryside



½ Day Session

Spend a few hours in west Gloucestershire, learning about the majestic Shire horses and how we use them on the farm. 

Your ½ day experience will last for 4 hours, either morning or afternoon.


During your Shire horse experience you will learn all about the Shire horse, their history, temperament and how to harness and work them.

This is a hands-on experience - you will be working the horses.


During your visit, we will cover the following:​

  • Meet the Shire horses

  • Get hands on with grooming & helping harness up

  • Learn how to long rein a Shire horse by voice command and then progress to working the horse with it pulling a load. 

  • Help wash down the horse after.

Tea, coffee and biscuits are always available


£150 per person

Spectators charged £20

Full Day Experience

A full day hands-on Experience with the horses gives a true understanding of what it is like to work the farm in a traditional way.


Your day will last for 8 hours. You will experience a range of activities which, depending on the time of year and your appetite, can include the following:​

  • Calling the Shire horses in from the field, using the old school bell

  • Preparing the stable with feed and water

  • Grooming and general care

  • Learning about the harness - how it fits onto the horse and what each part does

  • Learn long reining techniques and practice these in the sand school

  • Working a Shire horse out in the fields using seasonally appropriate equipment. * 

  • Wash down your horse so that it is ready to return to the fields or stable.

* We also offer a similar Experience but the day is focussed on learning how to drive a Shire horse and two wheeled cart.

A simple and honest Ploughman's Lunch will be provided in the farmhouse or the garden.

Please advise if you have any allergens.

Alternatively, please bring a pack lunch with you.

Tea, coffee, soft drinks and biscuits are provided throughout the day

Life is relaxed and calm when we work the Shire horses.

We want you to enjoy yourself so much that you want to come back for more. Your experience with the Shire horses is tailored to what you would like to do, combined with both your previous experience and how you get on during the day.

This can be discussed fully at the time of booking. 

As an example, for those who would prefer a less physical activity, we can adapt the day to include a leisurely drive along the lanes where you can take it in turns to sit up front and have a go holding the reins. 


1st person: £250 for the full day

2nd person: £125 

Spectators: £30


Group Experience

We are happy to create bespoke events for groups of up to 20 people. We tailor the day to include the Shire horses, but other team building activities based on Coldcroft Farm and the surrounding area can be created. 

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